Starfish And The Whale “Map” T-Shirt

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Starfish And The Whale “Map” T-Shirt


Starfish and the Whale “Map” T-Shirt. Featuring the starfish, sea monsters, a compass, a whale, and of course a whale tail! “Once there was a starfish who wished he were a whale. He loved their eyes and fins and skin and great big, glossy tails” quote hidden throughout. This shirt is as beautiful as the story itself!


All of our shirts are locally recycled shirts…meaning we use previously worn, cleaned, blank T’s. As such, colors and sizes may vary slightly. We also hand-print each shirt as it’s ordered, so there will be slight variations in the artwork as well.  I don’t care how organic your cotton is, nothing is greener than taking already-existing, blank, boring, unloved T-shirts and repurposing them as badass wearable art! Nothing new produced that could end up in the local landfill, and no sweatshop labor…or at least, no more sweatshop labor. Think of the children!

**Plus $5 from the cost of each shirt is given to charity. Beardsley Mitchell shirt sales go towards helping Hillary at GirlNextDoorHoney continue to help our bee friends survive our best efforts to eradicate them and their habitat. Hosting hives costs money and 4 shirts worth of sales could fund a hive for a month. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start.

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Sm, Med, Large, XL, XXL

Shirt Color

Grey, Green, Drk Blue, Lt Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange

ArtWork Color

Black, White, Green

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