Pleasure Device Arabic Flamingo Crest – Women’s

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Pleasure Device Arabic Flamingo Crest – Women’s


The perfect shirt for your PleasureDevice fandom! Featuring The PD Flamingo set on a sunburst with crossed ninja swords and Arabic Pleasure Device. Even if you and/or none of your friends know who or what Pleasure Device is, you will look good in this shirt girl! Order an extra shirt for your bff and the two of you can be twinkies running around, looking all stylish and what not!


All of our shirts are locally recycled shirts…meaning we use previously worn, cleaned, blank T’s. As such, colors and sizes may vary slightly. We also hand-print each shirt as it’s ordered, so there will be slight variations in the artwork as well.  I don’t care how organic your cotton is, nothing is greener than using already existing, blank, boring, unloved T-shirts and repurposing them as badass wearable art! Nothing new produced that could end up in the local landfill, and no sweatshop labor…or at least, no more sweatshop labor. Think of the children!

***Our prices include 8% sales tax…so basically it’s $20 + tax.

**Plus 1/4 of the price of each shirt ($5) is given to charity. PD shirt sales help The SanDiegoFoodBank continue to feed on average 370,000 people every month including seniors, active duty military and children living in poverty.

Additional information


Sm, Med, Large, XL, XXL

Shirt Color

Black, Grey, Lt Blue, Drk Blue, Red, Pink

ArtWork Color

Black, White


Tshirt, Tanktop

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