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Loaded With Cobras!?

If you are a Dynamite Hack fan, it’s been a long time since you’ve heard any new music. There was the country-themed digital EP, Beardsley Mitchell…but that was 2 years ago.

Don’t you worry. This April should mark the end of a long writing/recording process for the Hack. After a little post-production and some mastering, this new collection of songs should be available for consumption sometime in late summer/early fall of 2017.

Tentatively entitled: “Loaded With Cobras“, this new album will be wildly varied in theme and tone. 80’s space rock mixed with Kinky Friedman is the best comparison i’ve heard so far. There will even be a cover of one of Houston’s own Mr.Plow‘s famous tunes.

In preparation for the release, I recommend you go back a revisit the entire catalogue: Pillowhead, Superfast, How To Break Up A Band, and Beardsley Mitchell…this should get you properly primed for the new audio onslaught from the slack rock gods of Dynamite Hack!

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Jeff McMillan art

DHCroppedWEBRVCA artist in residence, PRIGUS Sports founder/creator and member of The Draculas, Jeff McMillan is an incredible artist. He has honored us by completing commissioned pieces for both Dynamite Hack and Pleasure Device. Check him out at and look for more collaborations between us and Jeff in the near future!

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